Feb 14, 2008

One Cold Hand

This is a rather unique website set up to help the lost glove owner to reunite with it's owner.

One Cold Hand based out of Pittsburgh came a bit too late to help me. I'd lost many an expensive leather glove, when I lived in the 'Burgh and it was a notable loss. I mean, I don't know about you but when I loose a glove it really bothers me. Why is that? The funny part is that it's not just the monetary loss. No, it's far more than that.

From a psychological standpoint, it may very well be that a glove gives warmth, thus ushering in a sense of love and loyalty for ones glove, the thing that stave's off the cold. I know this much; When my hands or feet are cold, I'm no more good, as they say in Pittsburgh. Do you develop terms, thoughts of endearment, a love lorn and painful feeling of loss for that glove? Who'da thunk it?

"onecoldhand.com is a project that connects the Pittsburgh community through one unfortunate event - the loss of a glove. The website creates a method for dealing with the conundrum of finding these lost articles. Do you leave it and hope the owner comes back to find it? Do you pick it up? Throw it away? With onecoldhand.com, the abandoned object now becomes a symbol of benevolence and hope."
-----Jennifer Gooch


anythingbutsad said...

What an interesting concept! You know, at the end of every Winter, I put gloves and scarves away. And I swear that at the beginning of the next season, somehow, I'm missing sets of gloves. How the hell does that happen?

Babz said...

Anythingbutsad, I think I've actually mourned for a lost glove, lol. Seriously though, if I buy a nice leather pair and break 'em in, it hurts to leave one behind like good family, huh?

Rob K said...

Oh, God, Babs, I almost joined this club tonight when I put out the food for the stray cats. (Don't ask.)

I couldn't find my damn glove until I when back outside to the garden. Sure enough, I found my missing glove and one very surprised alley cat.

That website is so cool/

~Babz~ said...

Rob K, yea why didn't I know about it when I lived there? I think every town should have some official site, huh?

BTW, I feed the strays too. Pisses my lil sis off. Oh well, haha!