Aug 9, 2008

Whose Line Is It Anyway - Uncensored Out

I love this show, "Who's Line Is It Anyway." This is uncensored footage from the show. Way too funny!

Part One

Part Two


JerseyTjej said...

I had to stop it...I have no sound card on mycomputer and everything is like a Charlie E'ffn Chaplin! I will be back to wave and wish you a happy summer! How is my favorite dog?

Lee said...

VERY funny! Glad to hear them cursing!

~Babz~ said...

Jersey, can we get you a sound card?

Izzy has gone to live with a chick named Rachel who dresses her up all the time and takes her to work. I moved out of my sisters and so did Izzy. We ran like hell, hahaha!

~Babz~ said...

Lee, I know it's not funny but funny to hear them swearing. It doesn't take much to entertain me these days, I guess, haha??

How are ya old friend?