Oct 20, 2008


Ok I got "tagged" and here's the dilly:

Here are the rules:

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3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.

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1. I've probably mentioned that I am so frugal that if I use a napkin or paper towel, like to just wipe my mouth, I won't throw it away. I have a special bag I put them in. Then, I use them to pick up messes/spills on the floor and so on that my many grandkids like to leave me, etc.

2. I have to smoke a cigarette right before I eat as well as right after I eat. When I quit years ago, just eating made it hard, lol. To quit smoking is my next great vice to nix...that and Cheetos.

3. Then, I have the bad habit of picking my teeth with toothpicks(not in public) which I tend to leave around in the most unfortunate places. Husbands and sons have stepped on them or had them go under their toe nail. OUCH!!

4. I have lost all of my patience in my old age. I don't have time for the dumb shit or drama. I find myself extremely short with those around me. They are probably starting to call me a "Crotchety Old Lady."

5. In the same vein, I find that it drives me frigin insane when I say something and the person just pauses, you know that long pause they do when dumbfounded. I seem to get it a lot lately. I am beginning to wonder if it's me or them? Is it something I've said that perplexed you so so much?

6. OCD ish Behavior- I wash my hands constantly and then have to put hand lotion on. In order for me to eat (at home anyway) I have to have my dinner tray with a napkin on it. I may only use it once but feel incomplete if I sit down and don't have my napkin. Of course, I'll then put the napkin in the flippin bag as it's not dirty enough to throw away. Maybe in another life I went through the depression? Who'da thunk it? Oh and I hate taggin people (I don't mind being tagged I just hate tagging, oh the peer pressure of it all) so...

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