Jan 2, 2009

Merry Christmas Mama Bear

1/13/09-It's 10am and I have like three places I need to go today. But it's so nasty out. It's like 9 degrees, snowing and just real shitty. For real though, because I am the Queen O'Procrastination and on a pity party, I found myself looking at the holiday pics again of me and my boys. I can not express how much I treasure these photos.

Oddly enough, I was kinda proud of this pic. Yep, I am one strange Mom. Why you ask? Because I just love my sons, all of them, their tattoo's and piercings. They all have them, just like their Ma. Take note of Waylon's(on the right)sleeve, the genius work of Skinja of Doom, "Sharpie." Sharpie also did Waylon's branding, not seen in the pic. I must say I do not get into the branding thing but far be it from me to discourage it. "Jeez Louise that's gotta hurt," I was heard to say. Waylon replied that it didn't really hurt, not like he thought it would. But then again, I don't think Waylon has the ability to understand real pain, not like the average Bear anyway. "Nope, that boy ain't right."

Right now, that branding in the shape of what looks like a fireman's shield, Celtic in origin, will have more branding done and once it heals it'll be tattooed upon, a raised tat. You can see the rest of Waylon's tats on Sharpie's MySpace page. They are the photos featured on the right.

These pictures are an eye opener for me. My boys, all big and hairy, tower over me and they are no longer afraid of me, respectful but unafraid of the wicked Mommy. I am getting so old, I fart dust and crap cobwebs. Of course, now that they are unafraid, they love to tell the stories, half of which I do not remember of how mean I was to them. Thank God for Alzheimer's, huh?

My youngest, Waylon(on the right) came to visit me for Christmas, a wonderful gift. I'd not laid eyes on him in three years. As well, it was the first time all of the brothers had been together in something like 8 years. Even more exciting is that this/these are the only pictures in existence of all of us together. I cherish these even with the dirty wood paneling as a back drop. You betcha, I was happier than a pig in poo, to have all my boys, together, in one spot for Christmas dinner.

Mama Bear & My Brood

Take notice of the "ORBS" in the picture

Three Bad Bears

Mama Bear & Her Three Bad Baby Bears

Lee said, "Now, I feel dirty and not in a good way."
(The funny part is that neither brother knew, when the pic was being taken that the other was pinching Lee's Nipples)


grand *ma said...

Merry Christmas, Mama Bear! AND a glorious New Year to you too.

Every time I see your face these days, it seems that you've gotten more gorgeous with each new photo. All in all, I think that whatever you're doing these days, stay with it! I can't think of a more wonderful person to receive these delightful gifts of life than you.
My heart is smiling really big for you woman. I am enjoying every bit of it, too. Thank you for that!

Love ya, Girly!

~Just Me Miranda~ said...

Hope you had a great Xmas and a great New Years!!!


Lee said...

So happy for you that all of you were able to get together!

Happy holidays!

Old Knudsen said...

They maybe big scary hairy men but they are still yer babies huh?

~Babz~ said...

Grand*Ma, you are such a kind friend for these nice words. It's kind of funny you'd say such things, hopefully, you're not blowing wind up my skirt and see me, in what can only be unconditional friendship, lol cause I'm surely feeling mighty old.

Big Love My Friend!

Happy New Year to you too!

~Babz~ said...

Miranda, I wish you the same, especially to your good health!

Big Hugz

~Babz~ said...

Lee, I enjoyed it beyond words and I thank you.

Happy New Year Dear!

~Babz~ said...

Old Knudsen, you betcha, they are!

It's really really good to hear from you. I hope you are well and the Cali sun is good to you. I'll be stopping by to say hello. In the mean time, know that you are cherished Da!

Xmichra said...

I have a celtic cross in my kitchen :)

your boys are a great source of happiness for you Babs. i am glad you were able to spend time with all 3!!

~Babz~ said...

Xmichra, yes, I do! What's kinda sad about it all is that It takes such maturity and age to begin to appreciate what is right in front of you. Then, they are grown and gone and you get a call a few times a week and hear from them, their conveyance of love in a phone call. It happens so quickly, I can only tell you to appreciate whatcha got till it's gone.

Big Love Baby

grand *ma said...

Mama Bear, I say what I mean and mean what I say when I say it. Especially so when I'm speaking to one who is transparent with her genuine and authentic self. I can chuck n jibe with the best, too, so don't get me wrong. I'll not lie one bit about that. Yet when I meet a person who has the self honesty that you've developed, it is easy to be tuned in enough to express the obvious.

Whatever it is that you're doing, I hope you will keep doing it because the end results I've seen in your face are indeed beautiful.

Luvs ya, Goily!