Jan 19, 2009

Video inédite du 11 septembre/StumbleUpon

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From 9/11- Where were you when this all happened? I was on *Sabbatical and because of the proximity of the hit in Somerset, Pa. all Pa. Prisons were locked down

Oddly enough, my lil sister had just gone back to work on 9/10 from Maternity leave. She was two city blocks away from Ground Zero. She refused to go back to work at that job and swore to never place herself in a position as she had where she was stuck in the city, unable to get to her baby.

This is a home video by a couple, must've been right there downtown Manhattan, extremely close to WTC and Ground Zero

*Sabbatical; My code word for the 3 1/2 years I did in a Pa. Prison.


grand *ma said...

I was locked up that day, too, Babz, except I wasn't on Sabbatical. I was employed at one of the local prisons. We didn't know anything about 9/11 until we entered the crib and the inmates gained our attention to the live broadcasts. It was really scary. Staff was instructed to sit with the inmates the whole day and to do nothing but watch the events unfold. We were also encouraged to counsel the men's emotional concerns. Staff wasn't sure that any of us would get to go home that evening due to the lockdowns nationwide.

9/11 gave me a whole different perspective about voluntarily walking through those 7 locked gates. Talk about being powerless, man oh man. Staff did really good at remaining cool but I think everyone of us had to clean our pants after we got home safely. Getting out those locked gates became tedious since the C.O.s were on high alert. The trunks of our cars were even inspected by the C.O.s.

It was damn scary, girlfriend. I have no problem saying that, either.


coopernicus said...

I was driving to work...listening to Imus when I heard him say something to Charles about a plane hitting the WTC. I immediately switched to the news station, and after listening for 5 minutes the thought "We're under attack" popped in my head. Spent most of the day watching the events unfold in the office.