Apr 30, 2009

Brady Lee

I'm posting this picture in solidarity with

Sarcastic Bastard

and I double dog dare ya to make fun of him. I'll sic him on ya and ya can bleed to death from your ankles, allow me to remind ya!

This lil guy, Brady Lee, my Granddog from my oldest son, Lee, just owns my heart.

Yea, he gets his bad habits from his Grandma...

(He's a terrible chain smoker. For real though, you have to watch out and really butt your cig cause he'll take off with it)


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Dear Babz,
I dig Brady Lee. What a cool dog!!

Thanks for posting the pics and for checking out my blog.

Love ya. Stay in touch.


Xmichra said...

lol.. that is an ugly dawg..lol.. so ugly its cute ;)

~Babz~ said...

SB, I thank ya kindly. Lil guy is the love of my sons life. He is my gay son so it may be his only child, we shall see, lol!

Big Hugz

~Babz~ said...

X, he's like one of those Furbies, huh? You shuld see him when you ask him if he wants a cookie or if he wants to go to Granny's house, meaning me. I feed him the whole time so he loves to come here to visit me.

OMG, I just noticed your hair. Love it!

Anonymous said...

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