Apr 22, 2009

Good Cop/Bad Cop

This is surely a new spin on an old plan of attack. Hell, I'm telling 'em everything!
Good Cop Bad Cop
You have never seen good cop bad cop played like this before! Who can blame the guy for talking??? :)


Lou said...

Babz, I was glad to see you on my blog. I have checked on you, mostly your answer blog. I love how you have helped our friend Frankie, and I commend you for tackling problems I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole..LOL..your are a nice lady, even with the bitchin;)
now I have to check out the video.

~Babz~ said...

Lou, Gosh darnit ya made me smile, lol! Thanks, ever so kindly for your sweet words as I also appreciate you coming to visit. I'd have made us some tea if I'd known you were coming.

BTW, you are in my prayers as I know you've got your hands full right now. "Tis only for a season."