Apr 19, 2009

My Hero; The Fruitcake Lady

In case you're not aware of it...


and I write/answer questions for our advice site,

"Ask Aunt B"

It's been a bit slow as of late, which does not hurt my feelings as it can be quite taxing but we were getting 7-10 letters a week from people asking for advice and/or opinions.

Anywho, if you go to our site, you'd see why this woman,

Marie Rudsill aka "The Fruitcake Lady"

is my Hero. When I grow up, I can envision myself to be just like her. (I might be closer to it than I care to admit)

Here's a video's
of The Fruitcake Lady in action!

R.I.P. Marie Rudisill
(13 March 1911 - 3 November 2006)

*"In 2002, the "Ask the Fruitcake Lady" segments became a regular part of The Tonight Show. In these segments, viewers posed prerecorded questions to Rudisill (including questions of a graphic sexual nature), and her frank and often unpredictable responses were shown. In her responses she often lost patience with what she perceived as stupidity on the part of some questioners, and lapsed into profanity."

*Source Wikipedia


CanadianSwiss said...

I wish I had seen that before. I loooved her answers! And you will be quite a lot like her, but that's why we love you. So let's keep Mrs Bush clean, now, ya hear? :)

~Babz~ said...

CS, I will keep her memory alive as I tell it like it is and then Xmichra will, of course pick up the ball after me, lol! Marie was certainly a "card" huh?

How ya been my ol friend? Hugz & of course, you must kiss that big X for me, eh?

Xmichra said...

bwwahahaaa... you are very close to the fruitcake lady!! lol... awesome!

~Babz~ said...

Xmichra, I'll take that as a compliment as she is surely my hero, my inspiration. Give it a few years and if I live to tell, it'll be sassy, hahaha!!