Apr 1, 2009



CanadianSwiss said...

Hi there! Good to see you back online. Missed you, but I seem to have missed your last 2 posts, or so, too ;) Hope you're doing well.

Big kiss from us :)

PS: I can read the title, but can't see the pict :(

Xmichra said...


lol.. no image there ;)

~Babz~ said...

CS, wow it's good to hear from you. I've missed you too. I've not blogged much as of late, I was not very dedicated but I can certainly see who the true friends are, it's those of you who still dropped by to find nothing changed, lol!

You must kiss the X for me, of course.

Huge Hugz

~Babz~ said...

X, Epic Fail, huh?

No, I'm trying to figure out why this one post just lost it's pictures? It was an old post with all these different cats. They were gif's but every damn one of 'em is gone and I don't know why? So, I copied and pasted one of the gifs and then published it to see if it would show up. Then, I got called away and forgot about deleting the post. It's crazy, huh?

Yea, all the pics are gone from Funkin Cats