May 19, 2009

Birth On A Playground???

From The Daily Telegraph

"A FILM clip made for the UK's National Health Service has drawn criticism for its graphic depiction of a schoolgirl giving birth in a playground while being watched by students.

The film's shocking content saw it pulled from video-sharing website YouTube, but it has since reappeared on the site in several forms.

The video clip was made for the NHS in a bid to cut the rising number of teenage pregnancies across the UK, and appears to show real footage shot on a mobile phone."

Warning: Video contains graphic content


Xmichra said...

i don't think that serves any purpose than shock culture value. I would look at that and think it was fake, or stupid, since people birth in hospitals etc (okay, most anyways).

I think there are better ways to teach about teen pregnancy than to show a cell clip. That's just the birth... there is so much more than the birthing.

Eyebee said...

It's sad though. Not the video, but the pregnancies themselves.