May 3, 2009

The Falling Man

I was reading the article below about the rape of men from Clipmarks which I hit from StumbleUpon button. I can't remember exactly how I got on the subject of this whole thing with my 8 year old Grandson, Lil'Bill. I think I groaned out load and he asked what was wrong. I then went on to tell him a bit piece of the article.

I believe I said that they were raping these men in order to make them do things, specifically becoming a "Suicide Bomber."

(I questioned the validity of the article, was it true? If the act itself of homosexuality as well as rape[not sure about rape?] is punishable by death, how is it possible for it to be condoned as a recruiting tool used in their making of suicidal bombers. It does make sense, though it's just rather contradictory, don't you know?)

He looked at me puzzled and wanted to know more. I then explained the motive as to why they would kill themselves because of this being a "Holy War," we are fighting and I then said that it was the Muslim or Islam belief that upon their death they would be greeted by "72 Virgins"
(Houri) in a place of paradise and that they wanted to redeem themselves.

It was somehow astounding to me, lil Bill's next question; "What Holy War?" I tried to explain a few things and found myself telling him about the World Trade Center bombing. I was equally astounded that he had no clue about the WTC attack of 9/11, isn't ignorance a bit of bliss? Should I have eluded his questions and allowed him to sit in the splendor of his youth? Ah, the irony of it all...

I couldn't really surmise that he did not know about the devastation that happened on 9/11. At that very moment in time, it was my day off from my Cook I job in Prison. I was exhausted from going through Interferon & Ribiviron Treatment for Hep C. It took a very long time to build up my white blood cell counts which were depleted from this horrendous treatment. The whole affair may have been exacerbated by the fact that I was, along with one other Cook I, responsible for an entire population (985 of the meanest, nastiest, craziest women that the Commonwealth of Pa. has to offer)of inmate meals. Well, we served and cooked two of the three meals served daily at the Chow Hall. I mean, just think about this; There are a few things you do not F**k with and an inmates food is one of them. Yea, the heat is on baby and this is a whole other story in and of itself.

As I said, it was my day off but I had to get up, regardless, first for "Count" and then it was off to my mandatory Med Line. That was not my fav place to go at all. You stood in a line upwards of 50 + inmates patiently waiting your turn to get up to the med line window so you could receive your share of psych drugs or whatever. I had just returned, I believe from that, went back to my room and my celly says "Go to the Day Room, OMG, the WTC has been hit or something." I then watched in horror as the second plane hit. By the next few minutes, Bells were ringing and the echo throughout could be heard, "LOCK DOWN, return to your cells at once for COUNT." We spent the entire day on Lockdown because of the plane going down in Somerset, Pa., close to the State Correctional Facility at Somerset in Pa.

It was a rather harrowing time, that seemed to last forever, right along and the same amount of time it took to eat the dry/nasty bologna sandwiches we were given in lockdown. I do say the imagination has time to allow you a real good work-up of all the possibilities there are with the thought that our facility might be next.

So, in explanation of the WTC attack, I went straight to YouTube and clicked on the video below. I sat with my grandson, watching and pausing with every question throughout about half of the video. He is very inquisitive, I do say and does listen to me and my stories, poor child. But after a while, I do believe he got the jist of things and lost interest, you know the attention span wanes quickly at that age.

I however, continued to watch. This is a really noteworthy piece about "The Falling Man." It is worth watching and truly does explore the ins and outs, especially concerning the picture above and how it captivated a Nation as well as the feelings behind the picture.

Raping Men as a Terrorist Recruiting Tool

"Fancy that! Al Qaeda does not discriminate on the basis of gender or religion. They not only kill both men and women, Muslim and infidel alike, they also recruit men and women by raping them!

Pink News, which bills itself as “Europe’s largest gay news,” outlet has just confirmed that al-Qaeda uses male rape as a tactic to recruit male human bombers in Algeria.

We have just learned about a Sunni al-Qaeda related plot in Iraq in which terrorists raped eighty Muslim girls and women, then turned them over to Samira Jassim who patiently and persistently persuaded the rape victims, (many of whom had been targeted because they were depressed or mentally ill), to cleanse their shame by blowing themselves and other Muslims up. Twenty eight women did so."


Sarcastic Bastard said...

You are a good grandma. I sure miss my grandmas--both are gone now--but they were great, too, and spent a lot of time with me.

Love ya. Hope you have a great week.


~Babz~ said...

SB, I am as crazy or crazier than my Grandma Kate whom? I miss terribly too. She was so much fun and used to take me every where with her. They say I am so much like her and that's good and bad, lol, in a fun way.

Hope you have a great day, my friend!

Mad Love