May 8, 2009

Fat Bastard

For Sarcastic Bastard
(The Gatekeeper to the now famous Pet Museum)

A Fellow Bastard

Fat Bastard Fast Asleep

Below is a video of my cat, "Pooka" aka Fat Bastard. This was filmed in Pittsburgh but soon after we moved to Long Island. It was there and then that my world began it's tilt.

It was a warm summer night and Pooka knew he was scheduled for his Neutering, he'd over heard us talking. We tried our best to keep it on the down low. He must have heard or the lure of the nasty NYC Kitties was too much.

He howled and howled at the back door, much to my chagrin. The first opportunity he had, someone opened that door and off he went...never to be seen again.

I was and still am at a loss for my Fat Bastard. He was the only male in my bed for years. I have Charlie now to comfort me on these long lonely nights and guess what; It's all I need. I will become one of those cat ladies and Charlie is my second. Pooka will always be first.


Xmichra said...

aww.. i remember when pooka ran away :(

~Babz~ said...

X, it was a sad day for me. I drove around aimlessly. I just hope somebody is loving him as much or more than I did.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Pooka is adorable, Babz! Thanks for the post. They would have to lock me up if something happened to my Mercer. I am a cat person, too. Mercer curls up to me every night.

SO SORRY about Pooka.

Love ya, Babz.


Lou said...

I love my cat..but ladies..she does NOT sleep in the bed.

We had a cat for 21 years. He grew up with the kids, and alternated sleeping in their beds every week. Like clockwork. He was the best cat in the world. His name was Caviar, and one Sunday afternoon, at almost 22 years old, he lay down in his favorite chair and went to sleep.

coopernicus said...

That blows. I had a cat run away once...there's a certain frustration of never knowing. There's always the nagging thought, "what if I look here..." so sorry...

~Babz~ said...

SB, I can't wait to grow up and be a "Cat Lady" as opposed to a "Bag Lady." I may just be a mix of the two, ya know?

Yea, I miss my Pooka so much. I mean it's been two years and I can't bear to delete his pictures and video's which btw, I have so many of like some crazed mother and the love for her baby, ya know? I know ya do!

Much Love & Thanks!

~Babz~ said...

Lou, ahhhh that's heart breaking, it really is. And we don't even realize till their gone how much joy they've brought to our lives. 22 years though, that's a lotta joy, huh?

We can hope that one day we'll be reunited with our lost pets, right? Even if you still won't let 'em in the bed, hahaha!

Big Hugz

~Babz~ said...

Coop, OMG you know exactly what I felt and went through. I mean, I drove around for the longest time, all around Long Island looking for him and I'd lay there at night w/o him wondering if maybe I'd have gone down this way or that maybe I'd have found him. It was actually hard for me to move knowing there's never be another chance of spotting him.

Now, I have Charlie, a big fat cat who sleeps with me and reeks havoc throughout the nite. He's got long hair and quite often I wake up with hair stuck to my lips. Normally, that'd be enough reason to kick him out of the bedroom. It must be love, huh?

Hugz my ol friend!