Jul 27, 2009

And All That Jazz...

I do believe I posted this first video before but God Bless America this is some funny shit!

Good Cop Bad Cop
You have never seen good cop bad cop played like this before! Who can blame the guy for talking??? :)

When Good Bananas Go Bad
A guy in a huge banana suit has a little fun while he is on the job! The reaction of people when he moves is priceless.

Really Good Gymnast
This gymnast is really good at the uneven bars. I would be willing to bet that you have never seen anything like this before! :)

So kids, I've been getting in a lot of G-Ma time,(that's Grandma for those of you who are not hip or privy to the OPP. Wait, WTF was I talking about?) Yes Siree, Mr Jaxon, my grandbaby is as handsome as they get. Not even his own father was that cute when he was born.

It's so cool to be able to enjoy babies when their tiny and not the older, little temperamental bastards I so fondly cuss out several times a day. Oh yea, word on the street is that I am Mafia G-Ma and not to be toyed with.
On any given day, I've been quoted, yelling, "Ya sons a bitches, keep it up and I'll cloud up and rain all over your asses!!!

I said I wouldn't grow up/old to become this but alas...

Yea, so I pretty much putter around the house, farting dust, crapping cob webs and creating chaos, it's my middle name. I overheard my boys talking, they don't think I know but I can't wait to go to the Nursing Home. I'm gonna play Spades and talk Smack while I do it. SNAP go the cards! I'm gonna get caught smoking in my room whilst entertaining some old geezer. Yep, I'm ready to go!

My Three Big Bastards

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