Sep 11, 2009

For Baby Brianna

An individual that abuses a child, mentally or physically, in any way is a Punk Bitch!!!

My fists are clenched in rage. And I don't know what to do with this anger and pain. This video was brought to my attention via a Facebook friend. This happened many years ago but I've just now found out about this particular little baby.

I must warn you it is beyond graphic, beyond heinous. I challenge you, not to walk away, not to ignore it running back to the comfort of your latte' drinking, cotton wearing, wheat bread world. But I ask you to watch and post or comment letting these Cocksuckers know that we will never tolerate this behavior.

WTF is going on? As of late, I am the main person to care for my 2 month old grandson. Quite often, as I feed him his bottle, I read "People You'll See in Hell." There's a disturbing number of this form of abuse going on. I do not understand it.

Now, I've lost my cool, kicked some ass, actually done a tad bit of heinous activity myself. My own family and friends, many of you who read this know that I am known for my bad temper. Well, that is to say before I went to Prison and learned all kinds of behavior modification. But for the life of me, I could never fathom, ever hurting a child such as these motherfuckers have.

Brianna, the lil' baby in this video was beaten, tortured and raped CONTINUOUSLY ...all before she succumbed at the age of 6 months. How could they? God help me, I just don't understand it.

Yes, it takes a special breed to hurt a child as these people did. I do hope they've not had it easy in Prison and I can't wait for God to get a hold of them!! All my faith must be applied to this and maintained that there is a God in heaven who will right these wrongs and if nothing else, even though they think they have it hard in Prison, they will know the pain of their transgressions in the next life!

If you watch this video, I hope you'll post it and/or place at the top of your post something that clearly states how you feel about child abuse. Do it in hopes that some predator/child abuser/piece of less than human garbage just might happen to cruise by your site.

Warning; Graphic Video!!!

Facebook Media Causes; Baby Brianna [Hang Child Killers]

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