Jan 26, 2014

It Lives

Hey Kidz...I'm back!

Just in case you didn't get the Memo, my arse basically fell off the face of the earth...for years. 

It's been a rather tumultuous few years. As you can see, my last posting was several years ago. Since then, in what could only be described as self-imposed"Kamikaze ish"behavior, I've used up @ least 8 1/2 of my 9 lives. (con't later)

These days my only concern is family and making it to the next day. And every now-n-then I post on my newest site...

G-Ma Life

So, why don't ya come see me some time???


saboma said...

Girly, I've missed you. Srsly. I've jonesed, big time.

I hope you are well and enjoying life around you. This is a one time shot, Cookie. Make it work for you!

As for me, I'm just putzin' around and enjoying it to the max! My next feature will be hang gliding.

Rob K said...

Hey, Babs! I was going through my old posts and I re-read some of your lovely comments. Hope all is well.